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  • Publicado : 28 de marzo de 2011
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Anthony Ng
I. Abstract
The purpose of this experiment is to see if biodegradable bags really disintegrate and how much plastic we will be saving if all plastic bags were replaced bybiodegradable bags. I think that biodegradable bags really disintegrate and by replacing plastic bags with these ones we will help reduce a large amount of plastic used for plastic bags.First of all I will burry 2 bags a plastic one and a biodegradable one and every week I will check them and record their results for 13 weeks. When I have finished the 13 week period ofobservation and see that the bags have disintegrated I will calculate how much plastic we could reduce if all bags were replaced by biodegradable ones. At the end I found out that biodegradablebags really work as long as they are buried so obviously the both bags that I put on ground level did not disintegrate. I also found out that if all plastic bags were replaced bybiodegradable ones we would have reduced about 9920801798.319 pounds also we would have saved about 12 million barrels of oil which is a perfect idea to do in a future. By doing this, Earth wouldhave less carbon dioxide helping reduce the heat island effect (effect that happens when heat from sun is concentrated in one area because carbon dioxide does not let it escape) which helpsreduce global warming. This investigation contributes to science by helping the people understand the values of conserving earth for a better future.
II. Body
III. References
IV. Appendices
V. Footnotes
VI. Figure Captions
VII. Figures
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