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Sustainable Solution Paper
Pioneer Hi-Bred International
Jessica María Román Pomales

Business Strategy and Innovation ((DDBA - 8160 – 12)

Dr. Peter Anthony

August 22, 2010

Executive Summary
Pioneer High Breed International was founded in 1926 by Henry A. Wallace to develop and market hybrid seed corn. Pioneer Hi-Bred International, Inc., a DuPont business, has evolvedsince its foundation but, its guiding principles have remained consistent with a science-based, innovative, and customer-focused approach. Pursuing their vision; “ To be the world’s most dynamic science company, creating sustainable solutions essential to a better, safer, healthier life for people everywhere” , they have become leaders as suppliers of advanced plant genetics to farmers in over 70countries around the world ( The Puerto Rico Station, located in the Municipality of Salinas, serves as a nursery, to support research in genetic testing of corn, sorghum, soy beans, and sunflower seeds. In harmony with their vision, Pioneer research programs are committed in developing sustainable and profitable agricultural systems. In a world environment where company actionsare being watched by many today, solid Company Core Values guide the accountability, opportunities, challenges, and decision making in Pioneer High Bred International Strategic Plan.
Enterprise Level Strategy
Pioneer High Bred International enterprise strategy in general can be classified as a Stockholder strategy where the financial and overall production benefits’ maximize their managementrelation with stakeholders ( Meznar et al.20-- ). At a more concise level, they also operate under an Accommodative Broad Enterprise Strategy, perceiving their actions and operations as answerable to society at large. This social and corporate ethics responsibility is clearly stated in their mission statement which reads as follows: “To create shareholder and social value while reducing theenvironmental footprint along the value chain in which we operate” (DuPont Code of Conduct,
Culture Type
Pioneer International management encloses a Sustainable Organization Culture, a Level three hierarchy, where the economical, social, and environmental dimensions are valued and integrated to maximize the synergistic outcomes of the organization (Wheeler et. al.2003).Articulated in their vision “creating sustainable solutions to a better, safer, healthier life for people everywhere” is a commitment to acknowledge the interrelation and value of all its stakeholders.
Integrated Concepts
A Company’s’ superior performance generally comes as a result of successful implementation of a strategy that aligns skills and resources of the organization, with environmentalopportunity to create competitive advantage ( Hofer & Schendel, 1978). This form of interpreting success is very much in line with the Stakeholder Strategic approach discussed by Menzar in his article “ Social Responsibility and Strategic Management: Toward an Enterprise Strategic Classification”, and visible throughout Pioneers International business manifest. The believe that firms survival dependson whether or not they make adequate contributions to the well-being of all the stakeholders, is actually the bases for a Sustainable Organization Culture established by Wheeler, et al.
It is only when the value of all stakeholders are reconciled with the core values of the Company that mutual interest, sustainability, profit sharing, social responsibility, and environmental issues can beaddress in an integrated manner. In Pioneers-DuPont Code of Conduct, core values are clearly in support of their vision and mission, incorporating safety and health, environmental stewardship, highest ethical behavior, and respect for the people on the frontline of the way they do business and who they are. This congruence in strategy, organization culture, and plant management standards has...
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