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Prototype JavaScript Library 1.5.0
Utility Methods
$(s|el [,s|el,..])
Takes one or more element ID’s or elements and mixes in Element methods

interpret(value) gsub(pattern, f)sub(pattern, f, count n) scan(pattern, f) truncate(length, s) strip() stripTags() stripScripts() extractScripts() evalScripts() escapeHTML() unescapeHTML() toQueryParams(separator) toArray() succ() camelize()capitalize() underscore() dasherize() inspect(dblquotes b) parseQuery = toQueryParams

Handles enumeration

Ajax (singleton)
XMLHttpRequest Interface

Extends DOM nodes via$() and $$() (if executed as Singleton, element is first argument)

Extends FORM nodes via $() and $$() (if executed as Singleton, element is first argument)

$$(cssSelectors s[,s,s..])Returns array of elements using CSS Selectors

Returns array with Array and Enumerable methods

Returns array with Hash and Enumerable methods

Splits string on spacesTry.these(f[,f,f..])
Exits after first successful function

$F = Form.Element.getValue() $R = new ObjectRange

Version BrowserFeatures.XPath ScriptFragment emptyFunction() K()

Hashkeys() values() merge(hash) toQueryString() inspect()

Enables object to use intialize method as constructor

each(f) eachSlice(n, f) all(f) any(f) collect(f) detect(f) findAll(f)grep(pattern, f) include(o) inGroupsOf(n, fillWith) inject(memo, f) invoke(method s) max(f) min(f) partition(f) pluck(property s) reject(f) sortBy(f) toArray() zip(a[,a,a..][,f]) size() inspect() map=collectfind=detect select=finaAll member=include entries=toArray

getTransport() activeRequestCount

Ajax.Responders extends
Enumerable (singleton)
Responds to Ajax events

responders register(o)unregister(o) dispatch(s, req, transport, json)

Ajax.Request extends .Base
Processes an Ajax request

initialize(url s, options o) success() getHeader(s)

Ajax.Updater extends .Base
and .Request...
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