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  • Publicado : 12 de febrero de 2012
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December 4/10





• Narrator: Once upon a time Downtown of silent hill exited two girls, Polly was a blond girl, with blueeyes and freckles. She had a neightbour called Lindsay, Lindsay was older than Polly, she had green eyes and her hair was reddish. They weren’t friends.

• Narrator: One day a group of boysinvited Polly and Lindsay to play soccer and they said.

• Boys: Hey girls let’s play soccer.

• Narrator: The girls accepted to invitation; but the ball went out of the soccer field and arrivedto the haunted house. The boys said:

• Boys: Girls bring us the ball.

• Lindsay and Polly: No, we can’t, because we don’t like this house.

• Boys: Are you scared? We always go,now it’s your turn!

• Lindsay and Polly: yes, what will happen to us?

• Narrator: The girls went behind the ball really scared. Later, the door opened but when the girls caught the ball,the floor fell down in a profound hole (Crashing sound). That took them into the haunted house.

• Lindsay: Polly, it was your fault, you don’t know how to play soccer.

• Polly: Lindsay,it was an accident and also it is your fault because you wanted go for the ball.

• Lindsay: Let’s go to find the exit.

• Polly: yes, but we have to find make a truce, but first of allfind the ball and the exit.(a sound of a broke door)

• Narrator: into the haunted house Polly wanted to turn on the light and in this moment something rare sounded (the floor was breaking) andPolly fell…

• Polly: Aaaaaaah! (Scream).

• Narrator: Lindsay was bored and scared.

• Lindsay: oh my god.

• Narrator: Lindsay decided to go for Polly and much strange thingshappened in the way.

• Lindsay: ohh (scream) there are a lot of bats and ghostes following me… So terrible!!!(Terror music).

• Narrator: while Polly was followed for a man without...
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