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  • Publicado : 8 de marzo de 2010
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Name: David Barba
Date: 4/February/2010


* Food obtained from Nature (our directsellers in the andes and coast region)
* Processed, packed food, and other supplements for home activities

* Trade
* Goods and Services

* Trade of Basic Food Productswith country producers and direct companies related with consumables used in home activities, such as wash, clean etc.
* Disinfecting and Packing of food from the country, using my own logo.

Sale:* Retail through telephone and internet.
* Home Delivery

* Young People
* Adults
* Third age
Development area:
* Country
* City
The Name of our Company, KUSSADEAL,just reflects:
The good deal that is buying to us and how efficiently we do what we most like.
The principal objective of our company is to obtain the food resources at the better prices from all thecountry farmers in the coast and Andes, specially from farmers that don’t produce as they should, because our main propose is to increase their production, in some case solve a problem of thepopulation, with the training that our experts in agriculture and cattle farming are to give them, so that will benefit the buyer and the seller. We also have to make different trades with the main agents ofthe big companies that will supplement us with other products, such as cleaning and personal care products, etc.
Back to our main purpose, we are to give work to a large amount of people in Ecuador,first by buying their product and by our work to make them produce more for us, and of curse by paying them well, the fair cost.
Second, we need workers for the cleaning and packing of the food, so weare to pay them for the amount of packing they make, that’s another benefit for working to our company, they will receive an extra benefit for the PLUS package the made.
We also need personal stuff...
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