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General Information of the Republic of Ireland.:
The capital: Dublin
Official language: Irish / Englishman
Form of government: Republic
Currency: Euro
Member of: EU, UNO, OECD,OSCE
Organization Politician - administrative officer: traditionally 4 regions or provinces / 26 counties

Ireland or since also it is named colloquial " Island emerald " it is a country of Europa'snorthwest. Located in the Island of Ireland, to the northwest of the continent to which it belongs; it occupies most of this one that is the third big mas of Europe.

The relief of the Republic ofIreland is characterized by an extensive central plain interrupted occasionally by hills. In the west of the country they find the mountains mas high of the country that they extend along thelittoral.
Ireland is a cradle of recognized artists as: Joyce, Beckett, Yeats, Wilde, Shaw (famous writers), of U2, The Corrs and Sinead O'Connor (belonging to the area of the music).

Tourist Informationof Ireland

The Republic of Ireland presents natural safe attractions, very varied landscapes that go from steep investors, up to extensive plains that are characterized by his intense greencolors.
In addition in the country it is very interesting to know the Gaelic culture, his monuments, medieval castles. Ireland is characterized by his diverse tourist offer that it invites the visitor tobe kept always in movement in someone of his tour or sports activities

Ireland Tourist Destination

The Burren

Nestled between the rugged beauty of the Aran Islands and the bustling livelyuniversity city of Galway, the landscape features near the desolation of the limestone plateau has often been compared to a moonscape. The ancient monuments and rock formations abound. You can see otherspectacular landscapes leading to Galway Bay.

Lakes of Killarney

If you want to experience a coastal spectacular landscape, mountains that remove the breathing, former monuments and the...
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