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  • Publicado : 6 de septiembre de 2012
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Psychiatry and the problematic question, ¿What do I give to the society?
(Past possibilities and perfect tenses)

Psychiatry is the last medical specialist that has been recognized likethat. Through the last sixth centuries a lot of knowledge has been development about psychiatric illness, psychomedication and psychological treatments.
It’s a controverted topic. Let’s thingabout psychiatry history, Greeks had develop a big theory about the psychiatric illness and the correct method to cure it. Their theory was supported on the idea of the four humors, it was proposedby Hipocrates, the first physician on Greece. It’s curious that he get interested of the mind problems taking into a count that the hipocratic oath is used nowadays by every graduated physician.During this period of time until approximated the 5th century and the transition into the middle age, that kind of ideas that had been used by hundreds of years were prohibited by the church,proposing that the mind illness had been a punishment send by god, and people who conform the herejía were consider also psychiatric ills.
The kind of punishments that the church had beengiving since the middle age was also made in the modern age.
The psychiatric hospital became like a mode and everyone wanted to by psychiatrist. In the 1400 and 1500 years that places looks like azoo, the patients were treated like animals and the bad treatments that was given to them was showed to everyone, even some people paid to see it.
Not all the psychiatrist on that time waslike that, an example of that is Phillipe Pinel, he tried to help the people that have been affected by a psychiatric illness, he try to help them to find out a new way of life, he tried to givethem back their dignity.
What could have happened if all the psychiatrist have been like he? I guess that psychiatry can’t have been considered like the evil science that some people see.
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