Psychology survey

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  • Publicado : 29 de agosto de 2012
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Amber Salas
Psychology I
Professor Offer
9th December 2011

It’s become quite noticeable how teenagers and young adults have grown up in a society where their purity is not as valuable asbefore. Growing up in a Christian/Adventist family in the Dominican Republic, I was raised in the belief to keep my purity until marriage. It was also considered that the longer you kept your virginity,the more value was accredited to you.
Moving to the United States, I noticed how people my age weren’t raised in the same culture I was raised; therefore they didn’t hold the same values. Now I tooknotice of how every year younger girls and boys are giving themselves into their partner and it made me wonder what the real reason behind that is.
I believe many young people decide to lose theirvirginity for two main reasons: because they believe to be in love or because they are socially pressured into fitting in with the non-virgins. We have also to be aware of the many other reasons thatcan be psychologically supportive of their choices such as the media, but my survey was only focused on their personal choice and value of purity. Disregarding the many other factors, my hypothesisholds those two reasons as principal causes to their choice of giving up their virginity.
In order to prove my hypothesis, I constructed and conducted a survey amongst 20 females and 20 males betweenthe ages of 17 and 21. The survey is equal for both sexes and consists of 19 “yes or no” questions. The first question asks their current age and if they are virgins or not, from there they move on toanother set of questions according to their answer .If the subject has answered “yes” to the first questions, the next set focuses on different reasons of why they have chosen to keep their purity.These questions range from asking if their religious beliefs are an influence in their choice, to if it’s because they feel unprepared or if they are waiting on the right partner. In the other hand,...