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  • Publicado : 3 de marzo de 2011
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Topic selection PSYCHOLOGY
What are we going to investigate?
The different types of psychology.
Why are we going to investigate this?
Because we must be clear about these types ofpsychology to better understand the comportment of people and different ways of studying the behavior of people.

For what?
So we can see the development and behavior of society at differentpoints of view.
Delimitation of the topic
Types of Psychology:
This science studies the individual, family and society to understand mental functions and triggers for certain, otherwise unexplainablesocial behavior. The different types of psychology explore neurological processes for human development. The branches of psychology include the following faculties.

Clinical Psychology.The professionals use specially designed and adapted therapy models to generate therapeutic alliance. The subsequent exploration of psychological problems helps to identify and apply new thought andbehavior modes.

Developmental Psychology: This science mainly focuses on the development of the human mind. All the endeavors are directed towards a better understanding of perception and change.Intellectual, as well as moral development is targeted at the end of every session.

Educational psychology: This branch of psychology studies educational setting and interventions. Educationalpsychology influences teaching methods and general practices in and around the campus.

Social Psychology: Study of the mental processes behind specific reactions to social stimulants.

HealthPsychology: Study of psychological impact on mental and physical health.

Legal Psychology: Study of reasoning behind jury decisions, evidence and eyewitness testimonie

Global Psychology: Study ofissues related to global concerns on sustainability.

Forensic Psychology: Study of clinical evaluations pertaining to courtroom testimony.

Personality Psychology: Study of personality traits...
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