Puerto vallarta historia

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  • Publicado : 12 de junio de 2011
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Puerto Vallarta, which is only two hours away from United States and located in the 3rd largest bay in the world, is a rich city in many aspects which has a wide and prosperous future. Itall started in the 1800’s, when Las Peñas, name given to the city during that time, remained isolated from the rest of the world and was primarily inhabited by crocodiles; there were practically nohuman dwellers. At the time, the economic activity was held up in the mountains, where silver mines abounded.
Between 1914 and 1935, the miners started to quit their jobs to go back to agriculture.And during this time period the rush for “green gold”, which consisted in fgrowing and exporting bananas to United States, increase the economy of the city. As well, in 1918 the city was granted thetitle of municipality and it was no longer called Las Peñas, it was now Puerto Vallarta.
During the years 1935 and 1949, the people of Vallarta started to turn their eyes toward the ocean, where theyfound a new source of wealth in sharks. The fins, the liver oil and meet started to become a good income for the city. Another shift in Vallarta´s history was in 1942, when the first formal promotionof Vallarta abroad appeared as an ad in "Modern Mexico," a magazine published in New York. It offered a flight from Guadalajara to a “primitive place of hunting and fishing” which was signed by thefirst airline service in the community; the Fierro brothers.
Between 1950 and 1959 Mexicana de Aviación airline inaugurated its Guadalajara-Puerto Vallarta flight. Aeroméxico had only travel toAcapulco, but Mexicana found in Puerto Vallarta a destination to compete with the famous bay in Guerrero. Visitors started coming in from other Mexican towns and from abroad to Puerto Vallarta.
In the years1960 through 1969 due to intense advertising campaigns, Mexicana launched the Puerto Vallarta-Mazatlán-Los Angeles route. As well, for the first time, Puerto Vallarta received big Hollywood stars,...