Que es geopolitica (geopolitics)

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Geopolitics is a theory within the International Relations and describes the relation between politics and territory and comprises the art and practice of analyzing, proscribing, forecasting andusing political power over a given territory. Traditionally, the term has applied primarily to the impact of geography on politics, but its usage has evolved over the past century to encompass widerconnotations.
In the abstract, geopolitics traditionally indicates the links and causal relationships between political power and geographic space; in concrete terms it is often seen as a body of thoughtassaying specific strategic prescriptions based on the relative importance of land power and sea power in world history... The geopolitical tradition had some consistent concerns, like thegeopolitical correlates of power in world politics, the identification of international core areas, and the relationships between naval and terrestrial capabilities.
Academically, the study of geopoliticsinvolves the analysis of geography, history and social science with reference to spatial politics and patterns at various scales (ranging from the level of the state to international). It ismultidisciplinary in its scope, and includes all aspects of the social sciences with particular emphasis on political geography, international relations, the territorial aspects of political science andinternational law.
History of Geopolitical Thought
The term was coined at the beginning of the 20th century by Rudolf Kjellén, a Swedish political scientist, inspired by the German geographer FriedrichRatzel, whose book Politische Geographie(political geography) was published in 1897. It was later popularized in English by the American diplomat Robert Strausz-Hupé, a faculty member of theUniversity of Pennsylvania. Halford Mackinder had a pioneering role in the field, however he actually never used the term geopolitics himself.

La geopolítica es una teoría dentro de la Relaciones...
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