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What is the Macaw Sanctuary "El Manantial"?
El Manantial is a project dedicated to the conservation of macaws native to Costa Rica. The focus is principally on the Sacarlet Macaw (Ara macao) and theGreat Green Macaw (Ara Ambiguus), who once flew freely in many areas of Costa Rica. In 1994, individuals concerned with the status of these endangered species decided to create a project for theirconservation with the only purpose of releasing them into the wild.
As a result of practices such as the destruction of habitat, logging of the Almendro de Montaña (Dipteryx panamensis) trees and thestealing of macaw chicks for the pet trade, the species became severely reduced. Both species are listed as endangered in Costa Rica, and they are listed under Appendix I of CITES (the Convention onInternational Trade in Endangered Species).
At present, there are estimated to be less than 40 breeding pairs of Great Green Macaws in Costa Rica. Although the Scarlet Macaw is more numerous, it isnow only possible to see them in isolated parts of the country, which is the largest population in Carara National Park.
 The Manantial has been rehabilitating, conserving and breeding macaws forover ten years, joining to this now, the creation of the habitat to them.
The Sanctuary operates under the supervision of the Ministry of the Environment Energy and Telecommunication (MINAET), inaccordance with the wildlife conservation law of Costa Rica.
The main aim of the project is to conserve the macaws. However El Manantial works on a variety of other programs. These are: The ReforestationProgram, the Community Education Program and the Ecotourism Program.
Over the past 10 years, El Manantial has planted numerous native plant species as an additional source of food and shelter forthe free-flying macaws. The project staff works with the local communities and schools to encourage awareness of biodiversity conservation and habitat protection. The Ecotourism Program has been...
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