Racial discrimination sb 1070

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  • Publicado : 11 de mayo de 2011
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SB 1070: Racial Discrimination and Public Safety at Risk

On July of the past year, the Governor of Arizona Jan Brewer proclaimed a new law, the SB 1070. This law is based on three main points: 1)the law criminalizes any immigrant who has not carried the proper papers. 2) Any person that suspects that someone is an illegal immigrant must inform to the police, if the person does not inform,will be punished. 3) Anyone that helps illegal immigrants will be punished. Finally the police will be empowered to arrest anyone that seems to be an illegal immigrant based in a “reasonable suspicion”.  Arizona is one of the states that present a highest rate of illegal immigration. Share borders with Mexico force to immigrants and illegal immigrants arrive first into Arizona. The SB 1070, thenew anti-immigration law is principal based on stereotypes because an illegal immigrant in the most of the times will be a Latin American. The “reasonable suspicious” to arrest someone is based on theracial profile, anyone that looks like a Hispanic could be consider an illegal immigrant. The “reasonable suspicious” is only an argument that correspond to the extremists politics, specifically to theextreme-right politic that believes that problems of the American society as the insecurity or unemployment are caused by illegal immigrants, specifically Latin American immigrants. The SB 1070 iscausing a racial discrimination, putting in danger the society and the public safety. Despite the belief that the SB 1070 will help enhance public safety but, it can be prove that this law encourageracial discrimination, put the public safety at risk and threaten the American values, all encouraged by politic extremist.
Although Republican congressman Brian Bilbray says that the SB 1070 is not aracist law, it can be prove otherwise. Brian Bilbray is one of the main supporters of the SB 1070, he supports one of the main points of the law: the “reasonable suspicious”. The “reasonable...
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