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General Topic: Racism

Specific Topic: Discrimination and color of the skin

Problem: We want to know why in the U.S, before the 60´s, people with different color of the skin werediscriminated.

Objectives: We want to analyze the society in that moment, and also, to know more that racist society that one was characteristic on that time. Also we want to explain which types of racismexists, and the causes of it.

Justification of the study
We think that it is important to study racism because it´s a human right. We think people have to know why most if the society isdiscriminated, and in the last years and actually it is a current and very important problem.
We also want to prove that everyone are the same, and it´s not important the color of the skin or sexuality,because people are important because of what they are, their personality, not for their appearance.

Types of discrimination:

Causes of racism:
-Xenophobia, thefear of of people who are different. An element of xenophobia is present in racism. Deep fear can express itself in racially motivated violence.
-A need to feel OK, to feel worthwhile. This can resultin people wanting to feel superior to others.
-Allows one group to socially, politically, and economically dominate other groups. An American Psychological Association article states racism serves to"rationalize the hierarchical domination of one racial or ethnic group over other group(s), and maintain psychological, social, and material advantages for the dominant group."
-Racism is used bygovernments to excuse systemic and systematic oppression and human rights abuses.
-Promotion of the idea that attempts to end discrimination and inequality are reverse discrimination and reverseracism.
-Feeling protection of basic human rights for minority groups are "special rights."
-Historic patterns of prejudice, discrimination, and racism. Colonialism, historic hostilities, and the slave...
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