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Racism is the false belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differenceproduce an inherent superiority of a particular race. Racism is one danger that has plagued America throughout its existence as a nation.
What is a Racist?
There can be many answers to this question, andmany different types of racists:

*The Haters: they express fear, loathing, and hatred for persons who are of a particular race or ethnic background. These are the people that often come to mind whenthe term “racist” is applied. In modern times the Hater/Racist has gone paramilitary with groups such as the National Alliance. Strangely, or maybe not so strangely, these organizations don’t considerthemselves to be “hateful”, but argue that they are only doing what they have to out of “love”.
*The Covert Racist: This one is the most abundant form of racism in our society today. It is hidden insociety, suppressing the individuals being discriminated against. An example if when someone is applying for a job and he or she never gets an interview or is told that the position is filled, whenin fact it is not, because they are discriminating them. Few of these people are caught in the act of discriminating, unless they happen to confess their action to someone who they incorrectly believemay be sympathetic and supportive of their actions.
*The Unconscious Racist: Even a person with no racist beliefs might have their actions motivated, even a little bit, by unconscious racistattitudes. Such motivation could lead to a pattern of discrimination even when absolutely nothing of the sort was intended. You can’t be sure about not having any unconscious racist inclinations. We don’thave direct and immediate control over many deep feelings we have acquired over a lifetime. It is not our fault that they exist and it’s good to struggle against them.
All forms of racists usually take...
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