Radar chart

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A Radar Chart
What is it?
A radar chart, also know as a Spider diafram is a very useful tool to visually show the gaps between current state an de ideal.
When do you use?
A radar chart is used to
Present visually gaps between the current and idea state.
Capturing the perceptions of all team members about the performance of the team organization.
Display changes in the strenghs orweaknesses of the equipment or organization.
Present clearly the major categories of performance.
How do you use?
1. Form the right team
2. Collect or test data to represent.
3. Define categories of ratings (usually 5 to 10 categories).

4. Radar Chart Building on a flip chart if you do not have a Chart
5. Pre-printed Radar:
• Draw a circle on a flip chart with as many radios ascategories exist.
• Write each title at the end of each spoke around the perimeter of circle.
• Number the radii of 0 (lowest) to 10 (highest) starting with zero at the center of the circle and finished with 10 on the perimeter.
5. Rate all categories.
• Each team member may qualify where they feel that organization or team encuenta today.
• This can be done in silence using adhesive dots.
6.The team can develop a score for the team either by consensus or calculating an average of individual scores.
7. Define the qualification of equipment for each category.
8. Interpret and use the results to improve.
9. Indicate the date on Radar Chart.

Tips for construction / interpretation:
• A score of gaps can be added to each category by subtracting the score
Team number and recordingthe highest score next to Empty
more on the perimeter.
• A radar chart can be used to help develop a "Code
Team Behavior "for a team to improve processes or
for any team. The categories can represent how the team
want to act as a team.
Relationship with other tools:
A Radar Chart is usually related to:
• Affinity Diagram
• Brainstorming
• Checklist for Data Collection
• Force FieldAnalysis
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Behavior Chart

What is it?
• The behavior chart is used to study the process data regarding trends or patterns over time.
· When recording the data points in the order in which they occur, Behavior Charts provide visual informationof the changes in the process.
These data points may or may not reveal a trend or pattern in the process.
• The Middle of the process is calculated and displayed as a solid horizontal line in Figure. In a behavior graph, one would expect data points to vary randomly up and down the midline.
When do you use?
1. To establish a baseline for improvement. 
• A behavior chart to compare thehistorical performance with improved performance.
2. To see what is happening in the process. 
· When following up on consecutive measurements of the results of various processes in a behavior graph, you get a picture of how these results vary over time.
3. To focus on major changes in a process. 
• When analyzing a process, is to ignore the normal acceptable behavior and focus only on process andchanges that alter the process significantly. 
• A Behavior Chart allows you to quickly trace abnormal patterns, such as behaviors and trends, which is unlikely to be caused by random patterns.
4. To analyze the effects of a change that was made to a process. 
• When you make changes to a process, it is important to observe and understand how the result has been affected by the changes that havetaken place. Using Behavior Charts "before" and "after" is a good way to implement them.
How do you use?
1. Deciding what to measure - Select the Process and / or the appropriate results.
2. Establish a time frame to measure - hourly, daily, weekly, etc. Determine the time period measured, few days, weeks, months, etc.
3. Draw the left vertical axis, which represents the measured value. Indicate...
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