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Rob Schneider
Special/ American/Guest/Character/Feature/parodied/equipment/San Francisco
Robert Michael "Rob" Schneider (born October 31, 1963) is an ___________actor, comedian, screenwriter anddirector. A stand-up comic and veteran of the NBC sketch-comedy series Saturday Night Live, Schneider went on to a career in ____________ films, including starring roles in the comedy films DeuceBigalow: Male Gigolo, The Hot Chick, and Grown Ups.
Schneider started his stand-up comedy career shortly after high school. The Pacifica, California native played Bay Area nightclubs such as the Holy CityZoo and the Other Cafe, and was a regular ________ on local radio programs. After opening a show by comedian Dennis Miller in 1987, Schneider won a slot on HBO's 13th Annual Young Comedians special,which was hosted by Miller. Schneider's appearance on the HBO _______l led to a position as a writer for the late night NBC sketch comedy series Saturday Night Live.
In Schneider's movies, the main____________ often undergoes some type of transformation, be it an unlikely career change, or a supernatural or science-fictional transformation. This formula was spoofed on the satirical animatedtelevision series South Park, in the episode "The Biggest Douche in the Universe." (The title refers to television psychic John Edward, and not to Schneider.) In the show, trailers are shown for a seriesof movies that feature Schneider undergoing absurd transformations: a stapler, a carrot, and even the South Park character Kenny. Asked about being ________ on South Park, Schneider responded in interview: "I loved it. That was genius. I thought the only thing, they were too nice to me...When you’re spoofed by the best people in the business, that’s an honor."
In 1996, Schneiderestablished the "Rob Schneider Music Foundation." The foundation returned music education to Pacifica's elementary schools by paying the teachers' salaries and providing funds for instruments and...
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