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Before and read.
1. Look and discuss.
a. How do you travel around your town?
b. What transport service is the best in your area?
c. What means of transport would yourecommend a tourist to use?
2. How do you travel…?
a. By land? Car, …
b. By sea?
c. By air?
3. Find the words in red and their meanings.
a. When you travel a long distance.b. When you travel a short distance.
c. The areas in the south.
d. The money you use to make a business successful.
e. When a vehicle moves fast.
f. Boat used to cross a river or lake.4. Match summaries and parts of the article.
a. You can travel a long distances on a bike or by bus.
b. This means of transport is not so good now.
c. Magazine titles always appear inbigger letters.
d. The first place most tourist visit is the capital city.
e. The leading paragraph offers an overview of the article.
f. You can only have access to some areas by boat.5. Ana is planning a holiday around Chile. Read this e-mail sent to her friend and answer.
a. How long is her holiday?
R: two weeks.
b. Is she going to travel alone?
R: travel with Leo.c. How many places does she want to visit?
R: Santiago, Puerto montt, island and fjords.
d. In which months is the going to stay in Chile?
R: In October.
e. When would she like to meether friend, Mateo?
R: the Friday 26th, October.
6. E-mail your American friend with a holiday plan to visit your area.
a. Say HELLO and explain why you are writing.
b. Explain when andwhere you are going to do in each place. (Find out the top places: nature, hotels, tours, museums, etc.)
c. Say goodbye and ask your friend to write soon.

Hola ¡Danilo!
Hola como has estado,pero que bien; prepárate te tengo un sorpresa, yo y unas amigas, la Beatriz y la Scarlett vamos a ir por unas semanas a puerto varas, para conocer de las maravillas naturales que existen en el sur de...
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