Reason for study science and math

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There are many reasons that makes me want to study math and science as major in college. Those reasons are very important to me, because each one will help me to increase my knowledge in which is thefield of engineer who wants to specialize. Even the knowledge and skills of these subjects in my college life will help me to be ready to something about it. The main thing that sparked my interestin these subjects was my participations in science clubs and math Olympics. In addition, I have always been interesting in these subjects because each one help me grow and increase my understanding inlife.
I would like to be prepare each time to face my college challenges. That makes me put all my effort always to acquire knowledge in each field. This subjects are important to me becausewill help me in my duties as student. This knowledge will put my enthusiasm up to brake obstacles in education. In addition the knowledge that this subjects will give me will be key to open doors in mylife.
On the other hand math and science are very important because research activities are interesting to me. Also two careers I’ve thinking to study are engineer and scientist. Even thesesubjects are essentially important in these fields. If a want those careers obviously I have to understand each area. After all this will be no time lost.
At last people education has to be basedin these important subjects math and science. I think that those important things can’t be ignored to accomplish our education. Math and science are made to make people reasoning and think. If thosesubject do not exist our specie will disappear suddenly. Besides, without math and science our world will be near it destruction.
In conclusion, the reasons I demonstrate are very important tome. Each one is full of challenges. All, makes me continue learning each day. Even these will make me choose a good and interesting career. By this is what I need those important subjects in my...
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