Reationships today

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  • Publicado : 20 de febrero de 2012
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Relationships Today

Technology is hurting interpersonal relationships Today.
First, Facebook or Twitter or LinkedIn have a risk today. Social networking is usually asolitary sport. For example, it’s something you do privately, just you and your computer, and therefore no one has to know. Next, Facebook may be society’s new way to create intimacy in relationships. Forinstance, being on a social networking site threatens relationships because it creates easy opportunity to meet other people, and quickly develop friendships. This may explain why people stay onFacebook even when it feels dangerous to their marriage. Then, divorces are occurring today. Facebook and other social networking sites have been on the rise since these sites have become increasinglypopular. Therefore, flirty emails and messages found on Facebook pages are increasingly being cited as evidence of unreasonable behavior. Finally, Computer firms have even cashed in by developing softwareallowing suspicious spouses to electronically spy on someone’s online activities. As a result, social networking can be dangerous for the social life.
Second, kid’s technology is eitherdecreasing their social abilities of the general populace. Technology has changed the types of activities that kids participate. For example, some children lack sufficient exercise because they continuallyplay electronic games, surf the Internet, and spend hours on social networks texting their friends. Afterward, the children don’t like to interact with other people. For example, if the parents wantto go to visit their families, the children prefer to stay in their houses spending hours on internet. Finally, Thinking skills are tools that serve a lifetime. For example, Children should to figurethings out for themselves instead of looking for answers on the Internet. In sum, some technology can be useful for some social interaction; however some kids are letting the internet or IPods are...
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