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imaging system

Xerox® WorkCentre® XD100
(Sharp AL-1000)

Sharp AL-1000/1010/ 1041/1200/1220/1250/1521 Xerox WorkCentre XD100/102/ 103F/105F/120F/130/130F/ 155F/155DP Xerox XD104/ XD125f SharpAL-1020/AL-1215/AL-1340 AL-1451/ AL-1520/ AL-1540 AL_1551 Olivetti 9910-A/ 9912-A/ 9915-A Triumph Adler DC 100B/120B

Engine Overview
In August 1998, Sharp® released the AL-1000 family of digitallaser copier/printers, which consisted of the AL-1000, AL-1010 and AL1041. All featured a copy speed of 10-ppm with a print speed of 8 ppm. The base AL-1000 and AL1010 models offered a user-installedprinter capability upgrade, while the high-end AL-1041model included a scan once/print many feature and printer capabilities. Sharp later used the same engine for the AL-1200 series which offered thesame capabilities as the AL-1000 machines, but featured an increased copy speed of 12 ppm. Released three months later, the Xerox® Document WorkCentre® XD100/102 digital copier/printers used the same600-dpi Sharp engine. However, unlike the Sharp machines, Xerox shipped the XD models with the printing capability installed. The XD offered a copy speed of 10 ppm and a print speed of 8 ppm, andshipped with a starter cartridge. The Sharp engine featured a dual-component developing system which utilized separate drum and toner cartridges, which are fairly easy to assemble and disassemble. The wiperblade is made of Polyurethane attached to a metal stamping, and the steel doctor blade is in a fixed position. The developer roller has an aluminum sleeve with a silver coating. Although the Sharpand Xerox cartridges use the same internal components, the cartridges are not interchangeable between printers without modification.

Engine Information
Engine Designation Printer Name Date ofPrinter Introduction Print Speed (pages per minute) Resolution (dots per inch) Sharp® AL1000 Sharp® AL-1000 August 1998 10 cpm (copying), 8 ppm (printing) 600 x 600 dpi Xerox® WorkCentre® XD 100/102...
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