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Consumer Issues:
• The majority of those using claims to have had problems with heroin at all levels: personal, social and legal. All people claim to have had consequences for their personal andfamily life for heroin and even in their recovery process by the low expectations of their loved ones.
• Most people have hurt others or themselves during consumption.
• Some people accept havingcommitted any crime related to heroin, and many people admit to having seen the study or work under the effect of this drug.

If you decided to use heroin, keep in mind: 
• Is better to smokerather that inject oneself
If you are going to consume heroin, the fact that you smoke instead of giving you a shot, or else, is preferable that you consume it in the shape of cigarette, mixed withtobacco.

Do not share the hypodermic syringe, needles neither the rest of the materials of injection.
DO NOT GET A SHOT IN THE NECK, GROIN 0 kidney.  Change the zones of injection to avoid crushing your veins excessively, but do not inject yourself in the zones listed because it can be dangerous..
DO NOT RUSH to inject. 
 Look for aquiet place and without rus. Make sure you inject any drug into the vein and not in surrounding tissues as they can become inflamed and ulcerated.

BUY DISPOSABLE HYPODERMIC SYRINGES And USETHEM ONCE ONLY. They are very cheap and they can get to prevent that you infect HIV.
The heroin and cocaine mixture is dangerous for your body, but if youdecide to mix them, get a shot one first and the other one after.  If the preparás to inject them to you at the same time, the liquid can become solid when the cocaine in suspense gets warm and thesolution of heroin is chilled.


• Heroin is a very addictive drug that is better not even trying for curiosity

• The consumption of heroin in Medellin is a reality that...
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