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  • Publicado : 6 de septiembre de 2010
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75 Roger de Llúria
                                                                                              Sant Vicenç de Castellet                                                                                              Barcelona
                                                                                              8th January 2010
Dear Mireia,
Thanks for your letter. I’m writingthis letter to explain to you my last Christmas holidays.  These days were fantastic and the last day of school as it was snowing the director headmistress cancelled the lessons.
A few days later, Iwent to a friend’s party because it was her 17th birthday. Then, all my friends and I went to a disco and we danced a lot. Also, in this disco I found came across two handsome friends, Marc and Xavi. Iwas pleased to see them!
The other days I was with my family. My grandparents, cousins and I had dinners and lunches all together. These days were sensitive emotional because we remembered sadthings.
Also, as my behaviour has been good during the year, the Three Wise Men brought a lot of presents for me. My parents presented gave me Nike trainers, pyjamas, a shirt, a perfume and some knickers.I'm very happy with the presents that I have received!
One more thing –if you come here this month, you will have a present under my tree.

Keep in touch.


Alba XX

Thanks for yourletter. T’m writing to....
What about you?


6 Lower Turn Road
Mountainthyme X26 3A
12th May 2007
The Manager,
W. Jones & Sons Ltd
Hermes House
Northshire CL20 OZXDear Madam,
I have seen your advertisement in yesterday's Daily Standard, and I am writing to ask you to send me more information about your Students' Note Taking Kit.
I would be grateful if youcould send me your catalogue. I and some friends are particularly interested in the wallet containing a ring file, extra sheets of paper coloured ball-point pens. I...
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