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  • Publicado : 30 de mayo de 2011
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My disaster trip

¿What can we do? ¿Where can we go? These questions were what we asked ourselves to see where we could go to spend a week. One month ago, my friends and I, organized a trip tospend our Christmas holidays together, after spending weeks looking for places to visit, we decided to go to Malaga, but unfortunately we did not find any hotel rooms for all, so we hadto change our plans and we decided to do the interrail. The Interrail is a journey by train, during the trip the people visit the most important capitals of the countries of the European Union, besides, the peoplecan spend two days in each capital, so we like that idea and we said: there we go !

Everything  was  perfect  until  the day of  our  trip, in  fact, until a few hours before the trainleft, the train left at  8:00 in the morning from Valencia, and when we arrived to  the  railway station,  the train was damaged,  it had a problem with a coach. We waited two hours with all of our luggage  onthe platform, but a girl from the train company  told us that the trip had been cancelled. Actually we were very sad because it was  our first trip all together.
In that moment,  we were blocked, wedid not know what to do,  but  after  hours  of  waiting, we decided  to  go  to the airport and catch the first flight out, the most important thing was going on a trip, go somewhere, only with them.Regardless of where went the flights, we caught the first that we saw, the flight went good but the take off was horrible because the wind that was doing in Valencia was very hard.Because of not looking what was the destination of the flight, two hours later, we arrived in Germany, so we had a problem, no one knew a word in German!
We spend hours and hours looking for a hotel or anapartment, and finally an old woman said that she had worked in a very good hotel, she explained to us how to arrive to the hotel, and when we found it, it was awful!
The bedrooms were very...
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