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  • Publicado : 20 de octubre de 2010
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The aim of this report is to analyze if the students of the University of Navarrehave a healthy life, using an aleatory quiz of a hundred of students.
Because of that I could conclude that students don’t have a healthy life.They don’t go jogging every day, they abuse of meat and most part doesn’t eat five pieces of vegetables per day.
I think the better thing wecould do to improve the life of students is changing the catering service of the school dining and I’m considering the pros and cons of this change.Advantages
Changing the catering, a lot of students who have lunch there, won’t have another way that eating good and healthy food.
The currentself-service permits all the students to eat what they want every day, and is more difficult to have a control of their diet.
In theother hand, it will be a lot of disadvantages if the current self-service is changed:
The people who go to the university dining, will change ofplace for eating, and the change will be terrible, if they finally goes to the fast food restaurants near to the University.
Inconclusion, it will be better for the health of students of the University, the changing of the self-service of the dining, including in the menus morevegetables and fruit, and reducing the food that is bad if is ate in abundance, like sausages, red meat and food with excess of carbon hidrats.
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