Redaccion sobre costubres españolas (en ingles)

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  • Publicado : 9 de diciembre de 2010
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At his arrival to Spain a foreign person observes behaviors, reactions and manners of acting that are different to what they are accustomed in their countries. These differences can cause surprise, incomprehension, rejection or a real cultural shock.
The best way of overcoming this condition is to know them, their why and how to react in these situations. They must know the localculture and the small details of the daily life that finally define us.
The nap is a present custom in some parts of Latin America and Spain, but also in other parts of the world. It consists of, after having consumed the lunch, resting some minutes (between twenty and thirty, in general) beginning a short dream with the intention of assembling energies for the rest of the day.The estimated time is of between 15 and 30 minutes, without never overcoming an hour. To sleep the nap in the quantity, quality, harmony and suitable form helps to increase the productivity in the work, reduces the absenteeism and the accidents derived from the shortage of hours that a person dedicates a day to resting. This one is the conclusion of numerous specialists of the world who understandthat the nap besides a custom, is a physiological need.
To enjoy a good nap is very important to take it after eating with the family or with friends, bearing in mind that the real nap takes place in the bed and with the put pajamas. But also it can begin in a comfortable sofa, if there is no an available bed.
Everyone who goes to Spain can see thatSpanish people love the street. We like to walk, to see and that see us. Because of it, it is surprising the way in which some Spanish people dress , even to go down or to do small messages near house. We become exhausted an estimable quantity of our income in improving our exterior aspect.
The temple of our social relations is the bar. To alternate or to take wines is a typically Spanish custom.Spain is probably the only country of the world where a good part of people go out to the street every day to meet their friends and to be going to take several wines in some different bars of the locality. They are the center of meeting with the friends to play with cards or to the dominoes, to take a few tapas(lids), to talk a while, to see a football match or simply to take a break in ourdaily obligations. In the bar the floor must be covered of used napkins but is not also descartable to find other objects as bones of olives, stubs or shells. Any bar that boasts must incorporate this element into his decoration. If we do not find these things in a bar it can be for two reasons, is not a good bar or we are not in Spain.
In the same way that in most towns of Spain people go out totake wines, is a very Spanish custom that the old zones of the cities are the typical places where they install bars.Every region has its own vocabulary to designate the different sizes and formats of the different food and drink. In this case I recommend to observe the manners of action of other clients before acting. At the moment of ask for the bill it is strange that we pay our items consumedindividually. Always there is someone who goes to pay the whole round hoping that next time another person do it. Sometimes people put on the table all their coins and they try to pay with that, it doesn’t matter if you have paid what you have consumed the important thing is that you pay o another way is to pay " a escote " which means all to equal parts. Having begun and to go out of theseestablishments is a custom to say hello and goodbye of the waiters with certain familiarity even if it is your first time at that bar.
Other Spanish custom is the celebration of the summer holidays, and in all the towns there are organized night free verbenas (which means parties) with big and small outdoors stages where there are all kinds of music to dance in order to enjoy these nights.
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