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  • Publicado : 2 de mayo de 2011
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Can you see all those lights in the sky?... Can you feel the wind blowing?,.. Can you smell the flowers? ..It's weird, But.. i don't , i just see two miracles shining, looking straight to me,they're making me go blind to the world, i just can behold your beauty, something in my chest beating is telling me that i'm yours, My soul is the only thing that i feel blowing, just pushing me into you,holding my breath , til' the moment i felt it, it tasted just like the honey, your lips touching mine, pulling me into your light, falling on an eternal dream, filling my emptyness with life, waking mysenses, feeling butterflies in my stomach, took me flying to that world, that magical world, where only you and i exist, i wish i had this moment for life, I look my hand, and it's still lingering tothe touch of your hand, wishing to hold your beautiful face, My body is wishing to feel your heartbeat, my ears want to hear your whisper, Your sweet voice, my feet keep dancing arround , nervous,Just one body can't seem to hold so much love, But with you miracles happen, You're making that love grow everyday , and i'm holding it with no difficult, I'm breathless , but your light makes me needno breath, it's like i just need you, I just want to run this road with you,The road of life... i don't know where it will take us, don't know how much time we'll be on it, But one thing is for sure,We'll be always together, So i've got to say, That you're the only road that i know, and the one i'll always know,
Your hands built who i am now, You make sense to everything that has happened, We'remade for eachother, I was trapped in an endless storm, scared, having anywhere to go,... And then i saw the light, Through your eyes,
And everyday it gets harder to explain what i feel for you, likea million emotions per second, while i'm just standing here looking at my window, But my heart wants to scream it, run till my legs are done, Hold you and never let you go, Get lost into your eyes,...
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