Reeable” by jonathan frazen

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In “Agreeable” by Jonathan Frazen, Patty makes a big mistake which actually helps her to grow up emotionally. Agreeable shows that the relationship between Patty with her parents wasn’t really good,they were always working and Patty never had their attention; “Sometimes it’s hard for him to express it, but he loves you more than anything” (Frazen pg. 11 Referring Patty’s mother talking withPatty about her father) In this short story Patty learns from her mistakes to became a real sport talent, she had spending all her senior year playing basketball and Softball. After being raped Patty hadto learn that life is not always fair, that we have to live with the consequences of our actions to grow up. Patty had to grow up dealing with her bad decisions.
Patty’s Mother was a little worriedabout the idea of patty playing sports, because she thought that that will make her aggressive. “I don’t mind if you play sports, but only if it’s going to teach you cooperation andcommunity-mindedness” (Frazen pg. 2) The relationship between Patty and her mother was not a close relationship, Joyce (Patty’s mother) always was working, in assembly with the democratic committee, for that when Pattywas raped she don’t told that at her mother the next morning because she don’t had the confidence to told her what happened she better trust that in her coach. “Your daughter just told me that she wasraped last night by a boy named Ethan Post” (Frazen pg. 6) Joyce asked patty why she didn’t told her what happened, Patty only argument that her coach “ is just more observant than you are” (Frazenpg. 7) referring at her mother. “You have to tell me. I’m your mother” (Frazen pg. 9) Joyce got so disgusted because Patty don’t told her what happened, but later she told patty that is better don’tgo to the police because she goings to be humiliated she asked patty if will be fine to her if only Ethan apologized her.
Patty’s attitude toward difficult situations changes after being raped,...
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