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Rules of Chess

basic rules
Chess is a two player game where a player is assigned white pieces and the other black. Each player has 16 pieces to start the game: one king, one queen or queen, two rooks, two bishops, two knights and eight pawns.
The purpose of the game
The goal is to capture the other player's king. The catch is not completed neck, but once the king is under attack andunable to avoid capture, is said to be checkmated and the game ends.
The game starts
The game starts at the position shown below on the chess board consisting of 64 squares in a 8x8 grid. White (the player with the lighter parts) makes the first move. Then each player takes a single turn. In fact, a single player must move each turn .. In other words, you can skip the turn to move.

Playingthe game
A move consists of placing a piece on a different square, following the rules of movement of each piece ..
A player can capture a piece of his own piece speaker moving the box in which is the part of your opponent. The opponent's piece is removed from the board and will remain out of play the rest of the game.
If a King is threatened that he will be captured, but is likely toescape, he said check. A king can not move where do you go to check, and if in check must move out of check immediately, there are three ways in which you must move out of check:
Capturing the piece that made the check
Blocking the line of attack by placing your own pieces between the piece and your check made king (Of course, a king can not be locked)
By moving the king out of check areaCheckmate
The main objective in chess to checkmate the opponent's king. When a king can not avoid being captured is said to be checkmated and the game ends immediately.
It says 'tables' when the player having the move may not make any legal move and his king in check. This immediately ends the game.
Time control
It uses a normal chess clock to limit the duration of the game. Theseclocks recorded the time it takes each player to make their moves separately. The rules are very simple, if you spend the time, you lose the game, so you must budget your time.
Special Moves
If the conditions are necessary, a king and a rook can move simultaneously in a castling move. The conditions are:
The king that makes castle still has not moved throughout the game.
The castletower that does not yet moved in the entire game
The king in check
The king moves one square that can not be attacked by any enemy piece, for example, when castling, there should be no parts that can move (diagonally, in the case of pawns) to the square that will move the king. In other words, you can do to make you castling check.
The king moves one square that can be attacked by an enemypiece, for example, do not end castling your king in check.
All squares between the rook and king before castling must be empty.
When you castling, the king moves two squares towards the rook, and the tower is placed in the box below the king, jumping over him;
An example: the white king on e1 and the square tower in the box a1 moves the king to c1 and the rook to d1 (long castling), the white kingon e1 and the square tower in the box h1 the king moves to g1 and rook f1 (short castling): similar movement for Black.
Take the step
Exclusively of pawns, and it is not mandatory. It happens when in the fifth box and a pawn up his starting square opposite and is in the box right next to a pawn otherwise. The latter can eat it horizontally to the right and left, as you would diagonally.
 Coronation Queen trasnformar or enter
When one or more laborers find their way into a box in the eighth line of the opposing side has the right to request any part, except for another pawn, and choose the one that suits you, you will always be the best adapted to the momentary contingencies the game. The effect is immediate and permanent.

End Game
The player wins
you've got to...
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