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Turnitin for APUS Students
Turnitin is a web-based plagiarism prevention application licensed, for campus use, through the APUS Online Library. Students use Turnitin to submit class assignments,through class associated enrollments. Students also use Turnitin as a learning tool, avoiding instances of inadvertent plagiarism in their own work, through general use enrollment. More detailed Turnitinuser guides are linked below. Getting started with Turnitin: 1. Go to Click on “New Users” in the top left corner of the screen. 2. Register, making a new user profile, to createyour login information for Turnitin. Use the class ID and enrollment password provided to you by your professor for submitting class assignments, or use the general use enrollment ID and password belowto check your own work. You will need to re-enroll in the general use class each January. General Use Enrollment Information class ID: 2255603 enrollment password: APUS_student Do not share the APUS’sTurnItIn class ID and enrollment password with non-APUS students. How to upload a paper: 1. Login to your student Turnitin homepage at 2. Click on the class name to open your classportfolio. 3. Once in your class portfolio, click on the submit icon next to the corresponding assignment.

4. Complete the information, browse to find the file and click the submit button. In classassociated accounts, you will not be able to see your originality report, unless your professor has changed the default setting.

How to add an additional class, or add a new enrollment, to yourTurnitin account: 1. Login to your existing Turnitin account. 2. Click on “enroll in a class” in top left corner of your screen. Enter the class ID and enrollment password for the new class enrollment.For detailed information on using Turnitin, see or Email support is available from the...