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  • Publicado : 26 de abril de 2011
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Many times people ask themselves how can a priest become rich when there is a lot of poverty in this world. Where is the money coming from? Is the Vatican a business or is it a Religious service forthose who need it? It is really disappointing to see how many religions are very hypocrite since they encourage good values, but there is a lack of action within all of them, too much talking andless acting. Every religion points at a principal figure, which is God, but on the other hand they all discriminate each other. World religions often encourage people to unify while many times in historyreligion has been one of the most significant causes of social segregation.
Religion is a sensible topic. Every one has a different point of view toward it and that is when the ideologicaldifferences occur among society. One issue that is actually causing our society to segregate is the critics of a religion toward another one. This puts people against each other when reality is thatevery religion has the same purpose: creating peace between each other. In addition to criticizing, each religion has its own principles and idols. This also causes people to segregate because it makesthem compete against each other to see which idol or belief is the correct one.
The purpose of a religion is to guide its followers to the correct path and to also teach them the incorrectone and its consequences. When a religion starts losing this purpose, people start getting confused of what a religion should really be. The misuse of religion causes social segregation. Actually,many religious leaders use religion to justify their acts. The stereotype of a religious leader is the one of a humble man with good values who wants to make a change in society. Not every religiousleader has these values. How is possible to see a priest raping a little girl? To catch a leader stealing money from the government? Those are not definitely values that a religious leader should have....
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