Renaut : an initiative that doesn't keep it's purpose

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  • Publicado : 28 de septiembre de 2010
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RENAUT : An initiative that doesn’t keep it’s purpose

Does Mexican government really care our data privacy? A controversial theme had been generated in Mexico, about the RENAUT(National MobilePhone Entry), since it’s approval, till it’s implementation on April 10th 2009, in which basically the government pretends to force all the citizens to register their mobile’s phone line, in a would beprotected database, which goal is to eliminate all the extortions made by cell phone, and to cut off the impulse to the growing organized crime’s activity in the country, all that by means of a menacewhich pretends to discontinue all the phone lines that weren’t registered before April 10th 2010, Mexican government reserves their right to discontinues those lines.

With that, they’re violatingthe individual’s rights of all the Mexican citizens, as well as the Politic Constitution of the Mexican United States, which clearly establish that all Mexican citizens have the essential right to becommunicated, returning to the main theme, as soon as this initiative had finished it’s tolerance period, Mexican congress doesn’t approved a new deferral, despite less than the 50% of the whole usershaven’t registered their line yet.

Now, that this initiative is running, is common to find on informal markets, cellphones on sale, which had been registered on the RENAUT previously, with anotheruser’s identity, which clearly shows a big fault on this system, which even is linked with the CURP database, Other big threat that has been presented, is that those lines can be registered by anyname, likewise death people, who had passed away more than 10 years ago, that within a weak security implementation, that make us think, and ask, really our identity and our personal data is protected?The answer is “NOT” because since some days ago, there are some people that is selling the database contents of the RENAUT at a cost of 20 pesos, that lets you to think twice about register your...
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