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“Do Not Give Up!” – The Interview with Luis Fonsi
Seth Daggett | 10.16.2008
After selling over two million albums during his career and following the great success of his previous productions of Footsteps “Paso a Paso”, 2005, and Successes “Exitos” , 2006, which received platinum status in the U.S. and Puerto Rico, and gold in Spain, the artist, Puerto Ricancomposer and musician Luis Fonsi receives a gold album and a platinum for more than 150.000 units sold from his first album, Words of Silence “Palabras del Silencio”. This has been the most successful album of his career, breaking all his own sales records in the U. S., Puerto Rico, and Latin America. The first single, Do Not Give Up “No Me Doy Por Vencido” has alsobeen an international success story; now its single version is the number one hit in the U. S., Puerto Rico, Mexico, Argentina, Chile and Central America, and number two hit in Colombia. In the U. S. , Fonsi has broken a personal record with Do Not Give Up, “No Me Doy Por Vencido” remaining the top hit on the Billboard Hot Latin Songs Listing for sevenconsecutive weeks.
How was the process of selecting topics for your last album “Palabras del Silencio” (Words of Silence)?
It was a long process but definitely the most important. I’ve written about 150 songs and gradually picked out the ones that touched me more, in a personal way.
What is your favorite song on the album and why?
It is very difficult to choose one! Probably the songyou’re Right “Tienes Razón”. I consider myself a fanatic of romantic ballads with power! The lyric of this particular song is written from a very special point of view and I know that it will surprise many people. This is what I call a cutting veins song “una canción corta venas”.
What’s the best part of being on tour?
Just being able to feel the cheering crowds, as I love to interactwith my fans. There is no sensation like that of being on stage!
Do you have any routine to prepare yourself before going on stage? And what runs through your mind the few seconds before playing the first chord?
I’m not very good for meditation or something like that …I just want to enjoy the moment, say a prayer with my musicians around and go out and kill!
What is yourfavorite guitar to play live?
I cannot live without my acoustic Gibson Emmylou Harris… I never leave home without it!!!
We’ve seen your picture on a Pepsi can in San Juan with your guitar. Please tell us about it.
We made a great campaign and intimate concert with Pepsi in Puerto Rico with great exposure throughout the island. They put pictures of me with my guitar in cans andbottles. It is a privilege to be chosen by a company like Pepsi to be interlocutor because they are always involved in music.

Tell us a little about the award you received in Beverly Hills.

Today I received a gold album and one platinum album because of a sales record in the U.S. and PR. The press conference was held at the Gibson showroom having the opportunity to thank all the media. Iam extremely happy and surprised with the success of the album!
What advice do you have for the next Latin star? What would you say to him or her?
Follow your instincts and your heart. Work hard and as the song says ... Do not give up!
Date: 10\12\2010
Name: Stefany Pestana
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"Do Not Give Up" The interview with Luis Fonsi
Seth Daggett | 10.16.2008
LuisFonsi has had many successes and thanks to that has obtained good profit from selling their albums. Fonsi has sold two million albums in the footsteps (2005) and successes (2006) which had status of platinum in the United States and Puerto Rico productions and Spain gold during their career, and received gold and Platinum for over 150,000 units sold for their first album, words of silence...
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