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Objective: at the end of the trip the student’s will be able to know what the typical crafts of Chignahuapan people are, and how they do there crafts.

Procedure: atthe beginning of the trip we went to “el valle de las rocas encimadas” there were a lot of rock that got different kinds of shapes and sizes but they all was formed bylava expelled from the center of the earth. Then we moved to a village called Chignahuapan where spheres blown made for Christmas.
1. What is glass made of? And what areits physical, chemical and structural properties?
2. How the glass blowing process is developed?
3. Which materials are used to create designed stained-glass?
4.Where are the designed stained-glass’ colors coming from?
5. Which techniques are used to kwon the composition of soil?
6. Which compounds are released during a volcanoeruption and how do they damage the environment?
7. What are the fundamentals of carbon dating?

1. SiO2- silica sand, Na2CO3- sodium carbonate andCaCO3- limestone. It´s hard, fragile, transparent and amorphous.
2. It´s begin with raw materials (sand, limestone, etc.) then they get melt´s at 1500°C at the end isplaced in molds to give them their final form.
3. Glass, lead and ink for glass
4. Giving color to the glass and put them together with strips of lead.
5. Isoften performed by commercial labs
6. Water vapor, CO2, sulfur dioxide, H2S, etc.
7. Radiocarbon dating uses the amount on carbon 14 available in living being, youcan determinate when the people died.

Conclusion: now I know that this is a really hard job because it involves much works and effort to make the glass spheres.
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