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  • Publicado : 13 de marzo de 2011
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Rosa Lilia R.P


Pocahontas is a book series of true stories, this edition was published in 2000 by Oxford University Press, the author of the book is Tim Vicary and the star of thestory is a beautiful young Indian girl who falls in love with an Englishman, the book is very popular by the famous story of the Indian girl and his love for the Englishman.

The story is based onreal facts; all the characters in the story were real. The story took place in Virginia to North America in January 1607. The main characters are a young Indian girl called Pocahontas and an Englishmancalled John Smith. The secondary characters are Powhatan Pocahonta’s father, John Rolfe, and the kings of England. The story is about the Englishmen arrived to Virginia in America and built a smalltown that they called Jamestown by kings James of England, but the Indians didn’t want to Englishmen in their country because they were afraid of the them and said they killed their people. One day theIndians captured John Smith and took him with their king Powhatan, they wanted to kill him but Pocahontas prevented and she told her father that she liked the English and she wanted to stay with him.Her father let her to stay with him to know and learn more about them. After that Pocahontas visited John Smith every day in Jamestown. The Indians wanted the guns of the English and the Englishneeded food, so they changed the guns for food. Later Pocahontas didn’t visit John smith for some time. One day Pocahontas went to Jamestown, but she could not find John Smith. Someone told her they hadbecome sick and she thought he was dead. Pocahontas married John Rolfe and had a son. They went to England and visited king James and queen Ann James of England. In England they met John Smith andPocahontas was surprised because she thought that he had died. Pocahontas and Smith said good bye forever, because now she was married and had a son, but she always thought about him. Pocahontas is...
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