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Book: “The Kingmaker”

The name of the Book is The Kingmaker, written by Brian Haig in the 90’s, and its part of a group of books that tells how the main character Sean Drummond faces differentcases in each book. This book takes place in the United States where the military lawyer Sean Drummond is asked to take the case of William Morrison, a guy that had a history with Drummond and his formerColonel.
The story begins when Drummond is told by the JAG (Judge advocate general) that he is going to take the case of William Morrison, when Drummond heard this, he didn’t know what to answer,and he went to Morrison’s prison cell to have a talk with him. After talking a while Drummond accepted the case of Morrison, knowing that it was going to be extremely hard to show that he was innocentbecause the charge was: Treason to the country (Working with the Russians). He accepted not because he wanted to help him, he did it because years ago he used to be in love with Morrison’s wife Mary.Drummond went to Morrison’s house to have a talk with Mary; she was a CIA Executive and had a lot of influence in it. The talked about how Morrison got arrested and about the current situation.Drummond couldn’t get much information because Morrison never told anything to Mary.
So knowing this Drummond knew that he was going to need all the help possible so he asked the JAG to assign him aco-Council of his choice, after lots of troubles with this choice, he got one of the best ones, Katrina Mazorski, a Russian speaking co-Council, who was known to be a very cold person with no feelings orremorse at all.

After getting the assign of Katrina as his co-Council, they started the investigations. And as the investigations heats up, Drummond and Katrina discover shocking secrets and coverups that stretch Washington to Moscow, and what started as a case of treason now has two counts of murder. As Drummond goes through the story discovering things and more and more crimes that Morrison...
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