Coffee maker report

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  • Publicado : 19 de diciembre de 2010
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Coffee Maker Lab Report

Create an inexpensive, fully automated working system to produce ground free coffee within 10 minutes.

Engineering Goals:
Produce an easy reusablesystem to make coffee.
Create the system with the given materials.
Learn to manage radiation, conduction and convection in order to apply those properties in the coffee maker.
The machine needs to besafe.
The machine needs to be easily reused.

Background Research:
According to Bavetta, R., coffee makers work as geysers. They have a steam based system in which the water goes through a tubewhere it is boiled. The tube passes through a heating panel in the lower part of the machine where the water is heated until it boils at 100C. Due to the steam produced the volume occupied by both, thewater and the steam, increases. This makes the pressure increase, therefore the steam pushes the water out of the machine and into the cup.

Design Criteria:
Economical feasibility: We designedthe machine in order for it to be as inexpensive as possible. The original design used two ring stands and two funnels among other things but, we redesigned it in order to reduce its cost. The finaldesign only used one ring stand and one funnel, which meant two dollars less. The final design cost less than fifteen dollars which was within the requirements.

Physical constraints: In order tomake the coffee maker, we were given certain materials and we were required to use them effectively since we could only use those materials. For example, we wanted to use a hot plate but when wearrived to the lab, we were told to use a bunsen burner so then we had to add a clip to our list of materials.

Accuracy: We had to try our design two times because the first time we only had atheoretical design and no further knowledge in the subject so it failed. The water boiled and went up the tube as expected, but the paper filter was not secure which allowed grounds into the coffee. During...
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