Reported speech

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|EXERCISE A |Yesterday you ran into a friend of yours, Helen. She told you a lot of things. Here are some of the | |
||things she said to you: | |
| || |

|1. |I'm thinking of going to live in France. |8. |I hardly ever go outthese days. |
|2. |My father is in the hospital. | 9. |I work 14 hours a day.|
|3. |Sue and Jim are getting married next month. |10. |I'll tell Jim I saw you. |
|4. |I haven'tseen Bill for a while. |11. |You can come and stay with me if you are ever in Toronto. |
|5. |I've been playing tennis a lot lately.|12. |Tom had an accident last week, but he wasn't injured. |
|6. |Barbara has had a baby. |13. |I saw Jack at a partya few months ago, and he seemed fine. |
|7. |I don't know what Fred is doing. | ||

|Later that day you tell another friend what Helen said. Use reported speech. |

| |

|1. |Helen said that she was thinking of going to live in France....
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