Resume de romeo i julieta en ingles

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The play of Romeo and Juliet tells the story of love emerged within the two families facing long death by an old injury, the Montagues and the Capulets. Romeo, a young man belonging to the firstfamily, and Juliet, a young girl belonging to the latter, are the protagonists of this story with a tragic ending. One day, when offered a party the Capulets, Romeo goes to it, which is almost forced byhis friends in order to meet other more beautiful than his beloved Rosalind, which I have not lived in since he has sworn to remain caste throughout their lives. Romeo goes in disguise. At the party hemeets Juliet, he falls in love madly, and she is the same, was a crush at first sight. So they decide to be married secretly and in secret with the help of Friar Laurence. Mercutio, Romeo's friend,maintains a street fight with Tybalt, Capulet family, Juliet's cousin, who was furious over the illegal presence of Romeo at the party. When the fight was at its hottest, is Romeo, who just killing thecousin of his beloved. The Prince of Verona, the city where mostly develops throughout the play, decides as punishment for the "murderer" exile.

Romeo goes to Mantua, the advice of Friar Laurence,when it was still a short time he had joined in marriage with Juliet, and, parting from it, partly to its destination. Furthermore, the Capulets, parents of Juliet, who were unaware of the secretmarriage, intend to marry her to Count Paris. Friar Laurence, as a council, says he accepts this marriage, but gives him a potion, which should be taken the night before the wedding. This potion willleave it as dead for 42 hours, time period in which the monk would be responsible for notifying Romeo the false death of his wife, so that in time they wake up, come to fetch and carry it with him toMantua. However, Fray Juan, responsible for carrying the message to Romeo, he is prevented from leaving Verona, bringing the message does not arrive on time, well, not even hit.

A Romeo the bad news...
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