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Adrian Mole is a thirteen-year-old boy who used to live with his parents until they separate.
Adrian´s mother runs away with their neighbour, Mr Lucas and his father goes away with Doreen.
Adrian is in love with his new classmate, Pandora is going out with Nigel. Adrian gets very nervous every time he sees her.
In the end Adrian goes out with Pandora. Adrian´s parents make up and Adrianis very happy.
Adrian Mole is thirteen and a three quarters years old. He is very worried about his looks. He has a spot and is always looking at it to see if it has changed.
Adrian is always worried about his thing “which was 13 cm long”
Adrian´s parents got on very badly with each other. They shouted and are angry all the time. Adrian´s mother was an alcoholic.
Adrian´s mother has runaway with their neighbour Mr Lucas and Adrian´s father has run away with Doreen.
Adrian´s father is unemployed and can´t find a job. In the end, they end up together.
Pandora is a very beautiful girl. She is new in Adrian´s class. She goes out with the best friend of Adrian´s but Adrian finally goes out with Pandora.
Pandora travels to Greece but doesn´t bring any presents to Adrian because shegave them to a poor man.
The dog was disgusting and ate everything that he found on his way.
Adrian´s grandmother liked gossiping and was always minding everybody´s business. She always looked after Adrian and protected him against Barry Kent.
Nigel is Adrian´s bestfriend. He goes out with Pandora and Adrian gets angry but in the end they make up
Bert Baxter is an old man. Adrian helps him in hishouse
Mr Lucas is of Adrian´s mother´s boyfriend
Dorren is of Adrian´s father´s girlfriend
The book is very interesting and amusing as it tells Adrian´s routine day by day as well as all the things that happen to him.
Some parts of the book can be classified as “X” as they tell how long “his thing” is. This book is recommended to people over eighteen. However the book is very funnyand short too.
The secret diary of adrian mole
1. What are New Year's resolutions?
-He will help the blind people to cross the road.
-He will hang his trousers up
-He will put his tapes back in theirs covers.
-He will not start smoking.
-He will stop squeezing the spots on his face.
-He will be nice to the dog.
-He will help the poor.
-After hearing the terrible noises downstairs last night, hepromises never to drink
2. Why does Adrian think that this spot is growing?
-Because his mother doesn't know about vitamins.
3. When the dog operation, what does the vet find? Why?
-Monday, January 12th. They find the little pieces of the model ship because the dog
broke the model ship's father .
4. Exactly how old is Adrian at the beginning of his diary?
-Adrian began his diary at 13 ¾old.
5. Why did Adrian think Nigel was being polite when he told him that he was going
to the doctor?
-Because Nigel doesn't see him.
6. Why did Adrian decide to go and see a private doctor?
-Because his doctor didn't examine his spot.
7. Adrian took some comic books to a `poor family'. Why did he think they were
-Because this family only have a black-and-white TV
8. Why did Adrian thinkthe would probably be a teenage criminal out on the
Because his mother is looking for a job.
9. Why does Adrian have to visit a man called Bert Baxter?
Because he is in a group at school that help old people. Adrian's going to help this man
10. Where did Adrian's mother get a job?
She works with Mr Lucas.
11. Why is Adrian angry with Nigel?
Because Pandora is going out with Nigel
12.Adrian says that his father is cross because Mr. Lucas doesn't want to see him.
What do you think the real raison is?
The real raison is that Adrian thinks that his mother is going out with Mr. Lucas.
13. Why does Mr. Lucas stay with Adrian's family?
Because his wife, Mrs. Lucas, has taken all the furniture.
14. Why does Adrian wish he knew karate?
Because Adrian fights with Barry Kent (this boy...
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