Resumen de saturday, de ian mcewan

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Ian McEwan - Saturday

The author of this novel is Ian McEwan. He was born 21st June, 1948. He is a British writer.
In 1998, and prompting great controversy, Booker Prize was conceded to him byhis novel Amsterdam. In 2008, The Times named McEwan among their list of "The 50 greatest British writers since 1945”. Other books of this author are Atonement, The Innocent, On Chesil Beach and Solar(the most recent novel)
This novel, Saturday, was written in 2005, so it reflects perfectly the problems of nowadays and the worries of the people of occidental countries.
A very influent fact is theterrorist attack of 11th September, 2001 in EEUU because this novel is influenced by this event. Another important thing is the Iraq war because the book is contextualized at the day of themanifestation against this war, so there are many reflections about that topic. As a matter of fact, this is the central idea of the thinking of the main character and those are a reflection of the authorbecause both Ian McEwan and character doesn’t take sides by any position (for or against) of the war – although the main character thinks that it can be the best solution in the future-.
As for theargument of the novel, the time of the story is 24 hours, that is, the story tells of a normal day of Henry Perowne (the main character) and, consequently, of his family (his wife, Rosalind Perowne; hischildren, Daisy and Theo; and his father-in-law, John Grammaticus). The day of the story is 15th February, 2003 and, as it can be assumed, it is Saturday.
The main character, Henry Perowne, is aneurosurgeon that has an enviable family. He met his wife, Rosalind, when she was his patient 25 years ago. They fell in love in the hospital and they are happy since then. She is a lawyer for a newspaper.They have 2 children: Daisy, who is a poet that studies in Paris and she comes at home that day (with her grandfather John Grammaticus); and Theo, who is a boy that wants to be a famous guitarist....