Resumen en inglés "the catcher in the rye"

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“The catcher in the rye” is the story about a boy called Holden Caulfield, which is 16 years old. Holden is really bad at school, he has been expelled from four schools yet, the last one calledPenecy. The only subject he likes and he is good on it is English. He thinks that all the humanity stinks and they are almost false people.

When Holden discovers that his room partner, Stalander, hasbeen on a date with his summer friend Jane, he thinks that Stalander could have tried to force her to have sex with him, so he starts fighting with Stalander. Finally he lost the fight, and after thathe decides to leave the school before the time of the expulsion and to take some little vacations those three days after Christmas. He starts his peculiar travel asking himself where will go theducks when the lake gets freeze. All the time that’ll be during his travel he will be reminding Jane, his death brother Allie and his little sister Phoebe.

He decide to stay the days before going homestaying in a cheap hotel on NY. The first night he is in the hotel he can’t sleep, so he goes to the nightclub that the hotel has got, and there he gets know three girls, and he dance with all ofthem. After that he decide to go to another nightclub in NY, called Ernie’s, but he finds there an ex girlfriend of his brother, DB, so he leave the nightclub because he doesn’t want to se her, he thinksshe is stupid and false.

The other night he spends in the hotel it’s so bad for him. An elevator boy called Maurice, offer him to spend some time with a prostitute, he says that it cost 5 pounds.Holden, without knowing why, accepts the offer, but when the prostitute appears in his room he repents and says to her that he’s ill. He pays her the 5 pounds, but she says to him that is 10 pounds,not 5. Holden says that Maurice told him they where 5, and the prostitute leaves the room, but more later Maurice appears on the room and punches Holden to get the other 5 pounds.

The day after...
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