Resumen the black cat

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  • Publicado : 30 de mayo de 2011
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The Black Cat (Resumen)
Salahadin was an inspector who protected all the antiquities of Egypt. Mr. Pearson had been working in a valley in the south of Egypt and he should speak with Salahadin, buthe didn’t speak to Salahadin, that’s why Salahadin was worried. Mr. Pearson was dead.
Salahadin goes to Mr. Pearson’s room in the hotel, and he found some papers and a map in his table. In the roomthere were 6 boxes too. He speaks with the porters and they tell him that there were 7 boxes when Mr. Pearson arrived to the hotel, so there was a missed box. The box perhaps contains an antiquity; acat made of gold and covered by black paint.
Salahadin thinks that the robber maybe want to go to somewhere by taxi, and he did a radio announce. A man was in a taxi carrying a small box and he wantto go to railway station, where a train will leave Cairo at twelve o’clock. He was Mr. Pearson murderer.
Mr. Pearson murderer had arrived at Alexandria docks at six o’clock, but the police didn’t openhis box. There were two boats that left Alexandria between 4.30 p.m. and 8.00 p.m., the Sudan for Beirut, and the Syria for Athens. Salahadin travel to Beirut by plane to be in Beirut as soon aspossible.
Salahadin found a friend called Fuad, and they gone to Fuad’s village, in the mountains. The road was very steep. Later, they were another time to the docks, and Mr. Pearson’s murderer got offthe boat without his box. Fuad known his name, he was Borkman. Borkman takes a taxi, a black car followed the taxi and Fuad and Salahadin follow the black car. They take the road to Fuad’s village,and, when the black car and the taxi arrived to a sharp bend, the black car tried to pass Borkman’s taxi. There was a noise, they had an accident.
The black car were mans from the Red Hand Gang, a gangwho wanted the Black Cat. Now the Black cat was in a whip to Athens with a man called Peterson.
Salahadin get on to The Syria because Peterson was travelling on that boat, in the cabin 22, in...
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