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Diagnostic Card is a powerful diagnostic tool for technicians and administrators to troubleshoot
various problems of IBM compatible PCs. It is easy to install, yet extremely powerfulto use. With
Diagnostic Card in hand, you no longer have to go through tedious and time consuming process of
trying to figure out what is wrong with your PC hardware. Diag nostic Card will tell youexactly
what is wrong with your PC in just seconds. It saves you time and money.
Our new and improved design of diagnostic card can work with almost all popular types of CPUs,
Motherboards, andBIOS.
All though we tr y, it is not possible to update this manual ever y time a new motherboard is made by
the manufactures. It is always advised to visit the bios manufacture website, and download thelatest codes per bios revision. Or visit for an online reference.
System Requirements
The Diagnostic Card itself only requires an empty PCI expansion slot. It is not necessary toinstall
memory chips to perform analysis. “POST Codes” can be displayed through the hexadecimal
display panel on the Diagnostic Card itself.
Tech Support
l Tech Support
Diagnostic Card INDICATORS
Two ‘Indicators’ are any light emitting diodes (LED) or hexadecimal display panel that may be
mounted on an Diagnostic Card. This section discusses the following indicators that appear on the
Diagnostic Card:
l POST Code Display
POST Code Display
The POST Code Display is made up of a dual, dot matrix hexadecimal read -out thatdisplays Power
On Self Test (POST) status codes.
Power On Self-Test (POST) Codes
Most AT and 386 computers (and a few XT computers) output status codes during POST. The
Diagnostic Card displaysthese codes during and after POST. Refer to Appendix A for a
comprehensive listing of POST codes provided by BIOS manufacturers.
User’s Guide
PCI Signal Definition:
TRDY Device Ready. Flashes...
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