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Between 1910 and 1920 Mexico was shaken by a series of fights and revolts known like Mexican revolution, that tried to transform the political and social system created by Porfirio Diaz. The Mexican revolution, that contributed to form contemporary Mexico, did not have a homogenous character, but that consisted of a series of revolutions and internal conflicts, carried out bydifferent political and military heads who went happening in the government of the nation.
In its origins, the first revolutionary attempts, inspired by Francisco I. Madero, tried the overthrow of Porfirio Diaz, who had stayed in the power for more than thirty years. After the triumph of the maderistas, the necessary reconstruction of the country was made difficult by the disputes between the ownrevolutionary factions.
After murder of Madero, were new fights in which Venustiano Carranza prevailed, that promulgated the 1917 constitution, decisive step for the organization of the “posrevolucionario” state. However, the most radical sectors of the revolution maintained the fight until 1920.

In order to count the History of the Mexican Revolution, it is necessary to locate totwo personages: Porfirio Diaz and Francisco I. Madero.
Porfirio Diaz was an ambitious personage whom it looked for to unjustly control to the country and to be president for a long time with a called method re-election. Francisco I. Madero, when seeing the injustices of president Diaz tried to do something on the matter and is as well.
The Mexican revolution was born in a panorama ofdissatisfaction against the elitist and oligarchical policy of Porfirio Diaz, who had favored to the estates more privileged people, mainly to the landowners and the great industrial capitalists. Although the country enjoyed economic prosperity, the continuous re-elections of Diaz caused political dissatisfaction between the rising middle-class, whereas the benefits of the prosperity had not reached to thepoorest groups of the the revolution arises.
Madero, a rich landowner of the north of the country, proposed a formula of political commitment according to which Diaz would maintain the presidency and that one, from the vice-presidency, he would initiate a reform process. After the rejection of Diaz to the proposal, Madero was postulated candidate to the presidency for the elections of1910 by the “Partido Antirreeleccionista”.
Diaz made stop their opponent and winner in the fraudulent elections of June declared itself, but Madero managed to escape of the prison and published in the texana locality of San Antonio its famous plan of San Luis Potosí, in whom it denounced the electoral fraud and it urged the population to that it was united to a revolt the 20 of November.
Littleby little one went sinking the regime of Diaz, whose army, directed by aged the military, did not know to in front of make the revolutionary guerrillas. In the spring of 1911, after the fall of City Juárez, Diaz one was forced to resign and to give the power to Madero. Madero had many problems, because to the knowledge that a new president took the power, all the people wanted to render accounts.The tensions arrived at the limit when the revolt of Felix exploded Diaz, nephew of Porfirio Diaz, who faced the federal troops of general Victoriano Huerta in the same city of Mexico. The 18 of February of 1913, after nine days of bombings, known like “the tragic ten”, Huerta and Diaz interviewed with the American ambassador Henry Lane Wilson, and the three made specific a pact against Madero.Huerta assumed the presidency of Mexico and stopped to Madero, that was assassinated to the few days.
After this revolutionary fights around all the country arose. In the north, in Chihuahua, Pascual Orozco and Francisco Villa, with improvised troops, began to assault the governmental trimmings; and in the south, in Morelos, Emiliano Zapata carried out a bloody campaign against the local caciques....
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