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Wireless-N Router for 3G USB Modems
Share your mobile broadband Internet access in your home or office
- Wireless n/g/b Router distributes mobile broadband to Wifi computers, phones, game stations,and more! - 3G USB modem plugs into this AC-powered Router

Model 4501

Now computers, mobile phones, and game stations can share a high-speed wireless connection to the Internet through your 3Gmobile broadband USB modem. Just plug in the modem and all the WiFi devices you choose have fast, easy Internet access. It's a great way to share your high-speed mobile broadband connection at home,the office, or anywhere else that AC power is available. The 3G Router's wireless-N networking capability is fast, with extended range for maximum mobility. Now you can provide a 3G mobile broadbandInternet connection to all your WiFi devices, including Windows, Macintosh, or Linux computers, iPhones and other WiFi mobile phones, the iTouch and Blackberry, barcode readers, and game stationsincluding Nintendo DSi, Nintendo DS Lite, and Playstation Portable. The Model 4501 can often provide an improved 3G connection where signal strength is low. Put the Router and 3G modem where the local 3Gsignal strength is the best, such as near a window. Then the Router will complete the connection to local WiFi devices through extended-range wireless-N capability. You can connect computers and otherdevices to the Router through its wireless-N capability or through the Model 4501's Ethernet LAN jack. You can also plug an ADSL modem or cable modem into the 4501 through an Ethernet WAN port toprovide router functions to those broadband connections. When also connected to a 3G USB modem, the 4501 will provide automatic backup to your wired Internet connection. The 4501 provides an extensive listof router features, including robust firewalls, VPN Pass-through, DHCP server, Quality of Service (QoS) and other router functions for up to 253 simultaneous users. The 4501 also supports a wide...
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