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We are Bea de Puig and Maria Delas.
1. you should have asked your employer for a raise
2. you shouldn't have parked in a towaday zone.
3. Bill should have told her hewas married.
4. our team should have practced more before the game
5. I should have cleaned my glasses before the movie.
6. They shouldn't have left their passports in their hotel room7. The children should have taken a nap that afternoon, so that they weren't cranky
8. You should have called the plumber because it doesn't work very well
9. I shouldn't have drunk somuch coffee before bedtime because after we couldn't sleep
10. Steve should have worn a siut to his job interview yesterday.
11. I should have brought an umbrella with me to work because itrained cats and dogs
12. Lydia should have watered her house plants before she went away: unfortunately, they died.
13. Dave should have put his car keys on the hook where they belong sothat he could find them after.
14. We should have bought a map otherwise we wouldn't have got lost.
15. I shouldn't have gotten up late otherwise I would had get to the meeting on time.16. Sally should have taken the cookies sooner out of the oven so they wouldn't have burned.
17. I should have gone to the opera with you last night because I have missed a goodperformance.
18. Fred should have driven more carefully during his driving test.
19. Olivia should have danced better at her audition last weekend.
20. Andrew shouldn't have bought a usedcomputer
21. Pratt should have spoken more clearly at his presentation yesterday.
22. Sally shouldn't have been so late to work yesterday.

Modal verbs 2

1. must have practiced
2. shouldhave done
3. must have lost
4. must have studied
5. could have built
6. shouldn't have worn
7. should have fed
8. could have fallen
9. should have bought
10. should have spent
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