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advanced 3 | Proficient 2 | Basic 1 |
Comprehension | Recognizes possible implications of the text for contexts, perspectives, or issuesbeyond the assigned task within the classroom or beyond the author’s explicit message | Uses the text, general background knowledge, and/or specific knowledge of the author’s context to draw morecomplex inferences about the author’s message and attitude. | Apprehends vocabulary appropriately to paraphrase or summarize the information the text communicates. |
Genres | Uses ability to identifytexts within and across genres, monitoring and adjusting reading strategies and expectations based on generic nuances of particular texts. | Articulates distinctions among genres and theircharacteristic conventions. | Applies tacit genre knowledge to a variety of classroom reading assignments in productive, if unreflective, ways. |
Relationship to Text | Evaluates texts for scholarlysignificance and relevance within and across the various disciplines, evaluating them according to their contributions and consequences. | Uses texts in the context of scholarship to develop a foundationof disciplinary knowledge and to raise and explore important questions. | Approaches texts in the context of assignments with the intention and expectation of finding right answers and learning factsand concepts to display for credit. |
Analysis | Evaluates strategies for relating ideas, text structure, or other textual features in order to build knowledge or insight within and across textsand disciplines. | Identifies relations among ideas, text structure, or other textual features, to evaluate how they support an advanced understanding of the text as a whole. | Identifies aspects ofa text (e.g., content, structure, or relations among ideas) as needed to respond to questions posed in assigned tasks. |
Interpretation | Provides evidence s/he can also engage in reading as...
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