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ation The Leader In Educ gy Simulation Technolo

RealCare Baby: Powerful, Research-Based Technology

RealCare Baby provides a realistic infant care simulation with a detailed report for accurate studentassessment.

• Cries for care • Needs to be fed, burped, rocked, diapered and held • Requires proper head support and proper positioning
RealCare® Baby II-plus

• Gives feedback to caregiver • Contains selection of 15 different care schedules, from easy to difficult • Responds only to the assigned caregiver with wristband and ID • Instant, detailed simulation reports for assessment • Rechargeable!Plugs into the wall like a cell phone

Patented technology makes RealCare® Baby II-plus the most realistic infant care experience available.

Incredibly Lifelike Looks and feels real at 6.5 lbs. (2.95kg.). Acts Real Cries for care, responds appropriately and requires proper handling and head support. Sounds Real Programmed with nearly 100 breathing, crying, coughing and burping noises.Assessment Wireless technology recognizes the assigned caregiver and records simulation performance for accurate student assessment.

+1.715.830.2040 • 800.830.1416

Create an Active Learning Environment!
Assess your students instantly!
Instant, detailed simulation reports The simulation report provides valuable data for assessing student performance. The “teachable moment” isin reviewing a report and reflecting on the challenges encountered throughout the infant care experience.

Control and customize simulations
Control Center Software makes programming easy Wireless programming and reporting on student performance. Easy-to-use drop-down menus. Program all Babies at once!

Comprehensive curricula available
Basic Infant Care Curriculum Designed for students, daycare providers, babysitters or anyone caring for infants. Covers a wide range of infant care topics and offers many opportunities for hands-on activities with Babies for demonstrations and practice. Culminates with an extended infant care simulation. RealCare Curriculum Designed with the help of parenting and health educators with a parenting education focus specific to schools. Sections dedicatedto values and decision-making, goal setting, teen pregnancy prevention and preparing for the future. Also covers some infant care and child development topics. Flexible enough to use on its own or as a supplement to other curricula. Independent of any one educational approach—tailor your message accordingly.

Control Center Software makes it easy to program Babies, and offers comprehensivereporting for better learning experiences.

RealCare Baby II-plus packages
Each Baby comes with a two-piece outfit, two diapers, bottle, student care card, wristbands, two IDs, charger and limited two-year warranty. All basic packages come with Basic Infant Care Curriculum CD or RealCare Curriculum CD, Control Center Software for wireless programming and student assessment, and student “how-to”video. English/Spanish. Starter Package (one RealCare Baby II-plus with accessories) #10110113 Starter Package (one RealCare Baby II-plus without accessories) #10110111

Wristband style will vary.

Order Add-on Babies in any quantity. Control Center software sold separately. Add-On Baby with accessories #10110103 Add-On Baby without accessories #10110101

Standard Accessory Package
Get popularaccessories and save! Help students realistically transport Baby and supplies. Diaper bag, blanket and car seat/carrier. Fabric styles may vary. #10020101

International Accessory Package
Diaper bag, blanket and Snugli®. Fabric styles may vary. #10020115

+1.715.830.2040 • 800.830.1416

Choose from a diverse selection of gender-specific Babies
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