Salud sexual y reproductiva

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  • Publicado : 23 de septiembre de 2010
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Project Assignment 1
Center for Sustainable Development

Week 1. What’s the real problem?
Guatemala’s Civil War (1960-19960), left rural indigenous women severelytraumatized and living in constant fear, in an atmosphere heavily marked by "machismo" which led them to isolate themselves from society. That’s why there is a need for them to participate and be involved inlocal social/economic activities. The virtual project, aims to describe the problems and needs that this women have especially in the poorest areas of the Country. The project will focus on theDepartment of Quiché, specifically in the municipality of San Andrés Sajcabajá, where 69 of 100 people live in extreme poverty and 94 of 100 people are poor. The main needs for the women are to achievetheir political, economic, and cultural rights, and are expressed as the following problems.

|The full list of needs/problems and the vote results:|Relevance |
|Lack of vote and voice in the community political participation |33% |
|Need ofsexual health and reproductive rights |33% |
|The need for more weaving work and independent production in orderto have more income |33% |

I decided to design a virtual project that would address improving women’s weaving skills, independent production(marketing their products) and workshops for health issues.

One of the first challenges was to unravel the mixture of needs, problems, causes and impacts that the women deal with.

Simple projectoutline of problems/causes/impacts:
▪ Lack Social and Political participation
▪ Unawareness of sexual and reproductive rights

▪ Lack of knowledge of sexual and...